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In addition to all of the above symptoms, a pronounced dyspeptic disorder develops. Appetite is reduced or absent, nausea leading to vomiting occurs mainly in the morning, after waking up. The motor function of an elongated colon may not differ from the peristalsis of a healthy one. The high propulsive function of the large intestine and its lengthening do not lead to the development of symptoms.

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When a patient complains, the doctor’s main task is to establish that it is dolichosigma that has arisen, and not other gastrointestinal diseases. The following diagnostic methods are used. Treatment of diet pill that really works is required in case of frequent symptoms of constipation, if chronic colitis is a concern, and the phenomenon of intoxication is constantly observed. Depending on the form and type of pathology, conservative methods are used or surgery is performed. Diet correction is required for any type of therapy. Treatment of dolichosigma in adults and children follows a similar pattern. It applies to him.

Surgical Facilities B vitamins are introduced, as well as tocopherol and retinol.
Anesthesia Preparations for normalizing intestinal microflora.
Physician practices Florin Forte was recognized as the best probiotic in its group. The drug is administered orally for at least 10 days, the dosage depends on the age of gnc weight loss pills.

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Considering the development of constipation with dolichosigma, Bifilax Relief is prescribed. Additionally - the drug Normaze. It is optimal for correcting constipation in patients of any age suffering from abnormalities in the structure of the large intestine. The drug is used as monotherapy for mild coprostasis, or as part of a complex treatment regimen for its severe forms. Long-term use of Normaze stabilizes painless, easy bowel movements and completely relieves the symptoms of constipation.

Choleretic drugs of natural origin. Chophytol (artichoke leaf extract) in solution form. If dolichosigma is treated in children, the drug is prescribed at the rate of 0.1 ml/kg of body weight, three times a day. The use of Gepabene is also effective. To buy weight loss pills intoxication, adsorbents are prescribed - Atoxyl, activated carbon. Prozerin is administered on a daily basis to improve the passage of intestinal gases and relieve tension in the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. Be sure to perform an evening bowel cleansing with an enema (1% NaCl solution at a temperature of 37-39 ° C) or a microenema, which is sold in a pharmacy (for example, Microlax).

To improve well-being with dolichosigma, the patient is prescribed auxiliary procedures. Colon hydrotherapy involves washing the colon with purified water (sometimes with the addition of a decoction of medicinal plants). The result of the manipulation is the elimination of fecal stones, the removal of gases, and improved motor skills. Massage for dolichosigma involves influencing the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. Perform no more than 10 minutes. half an hour after a light breakfast and 1-1.5 hours after lunch. The doctor also prescribes many types of physiotherapy, which are aimed at normalizing motor skills and accelerating the evacuation of feces.

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Exercises for dolichosigma help strengthen the anterior abdominal wall.
On average, exercises need to be performed for at least 3 months.
600,000 +
The amount of physical activity is prescribed by the doctor.
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A total resection of the sigmoid colon is performed, having previously provided anesthesia. During the intervention, the distal colon is removed. The complexity of the operation lies in the fact that one of its final stages is the creation of an intestinal stoma. The patient will have to be with her during the postoperative period, and in some cases she remains for life. Then disability is issued for dolichosigma. The effectiveness of surgical intervention can be assessed almost immediately.

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Surgery for dolichosigma is performed only if the following indications are present.

In the early postoperative period (up to 2-3 weeks), complications from the functioning of the abdominal organs do not occur in 97% of patients. Treatment of dolichosigma with folk remedies. Treatment with folk remedies is not carried out for dolichosigma; it does not affect the characteristics of the large intestine - its length, width, diameter. But it is acceptable to normalize stool using informal medicine recipes - timely bowel movements will ease the well-being of weight loss pills suffering from dolichosigma.

The following recipes have been found to be effective. The diet for dolichosigma involves the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the diet,rich in fiber. The drinking regime should be expanded. To improve digestion, it is important to systematically consume mineral water. Gastroenterologists prescribe 3-4 r. per day in 45 minutes. before meals at the rate of 5 ml/kg of the patient’s body weight. It is important to exclude heavy, fatty, smoked foods from the diet, and limit the consumption of cereals and baked goods.

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The disease is dangerous due to multiple complications for people of different ages and genders. For example, among the consequences of dolichosigma for the female body is the development of adhesions. The distal position of the intestine in 7 out of 10 cases is accompanied by adhesions to the left uterine appendage. The process involves the tissues of the bladder and rectum. Less commonly, the sigmoid colon is fused to the right appendage. The determining factor in the formation of adhesions is the close location of the pelvic organs.

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Consequences of dolichosigma and prognosis.

The second common complication of dolichosigma is colonoptosis. Pathology involves prolapse of the colon.

With dolichosigma, disability is not provided - the very fact of the presence of additional loops in the intestines is not a basis for exclusion from work or exemption from military service. But when raising the issue of registering disability, they pay attention to the symptoms of pathology that worsen the patient’s quality of life. Especially if, against the background of dolichosigma and, as a consequence, chronic constipation, intestinal obstruction, fecal incontinence, there is a need to attract people to provide assistance.

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Protein-calorie deficiency and the degree of muscle wasting are of decisive importance. With 1st degree, disability is not issued, with 2nd and 3rd degrees, it is issued. The prognosis for dolichosigma in 80% of cases depends on timely consultation with a doctor. In childhood, you will need to consult a pediatrician who, based on the diagnostic results, will register the child and give recommendations regarding nutrition, daily routine, and physical activity.

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However, in practice, an elongated sigmoid colon often causes constipation, so it makes sense to consider it as an anomaly to buy weight loss pills. This pathology can occur in both adults and children, and the symptoms will be the same. According to statistics, elongation of the sigmoid colon is observed in approximately 25% of people undergoing examinations. According to pediatricians, dolichosigma is diagnosed in approximately 40% of children suffering from constipation.

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Dolichosigma can be either congenital or acquired. There are cases when this disease is asymptomatic. Normally, the length of the sigmoid colon reaches 24-46 cm, respectively, with dolichosigma its length exceeds 46 cm. There are cases when the sigmoid colon does not simply lengthen. it also expands and the walls thicken. In this case, experts talk about megadolichosigma.

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Studies have shown that intestinal stasis and chronic inflammation caused by dolichosigma and associated constipation lead to sclerotic changes in the mesentery, myofibrosis, hypertrophy of muscle fibers, damage to the intramural nerve ganglia, and degeneration of the mucous membrane. These changes occurring in the intestinal walls lead to disruption of intestinal motor function. The causes of congenital dolichosigma are not entirely clear to specialists. Most believe that the elongation of the sigmoid colon is caused by the following reasons.

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As for acquired dolichosigma, the situation here is more clear. It is generally accepted that the development of this disease is associated with the processes of prolonged fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines, which lead to serious digestive disorders. Most often, such problems are faced by people aged 45-50 years and older, who...